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Songs and Movie Suggestions for Ladies Wear

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On Friday’s show, we shared your Songs and Movie Suggestions for Ladies Wear. From Gown With the Wind to Puppet on a G String. As always. they had us laughing.

If you can think of any others, contact us, and we’ll add them to the list.

Here’s what Ginger and Nuts said…

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    Songs and Movies for Ladies Wear Ginger and Nuts

  • You were working as a waitress in a Wonderbra when I met you
  • Then I saw her lace, now I will de-brief her
  • Tight Skirt
  • The heels on the bus
  • Hey big suspender
  • You’re the ‘All-in-One’ That I Want!
  • Uptown Girdle
  • Star Drawers
  • School of Frock
  • Sari Sari Night, Paint Your Palette Blue And Grey
  • Bra Bra Black sheep
  • Pop Sock & Two Smoking Barrels
  • Basque to the Future
  • Bed Socks and Lipsticks
  • Briefs Encounter
  • Nightie Nine Red Balloons
  • Simply The Vest
  • Basque To Black
  • Some Like It Hot Pants
  • Teddy Or Not. Here I Come.
  • Crazy little thong called love 
  • Pacific Tights
  • Tight Fever, Tight Fever
  • It’s My Panties and I’ll Cry if I want to
  • City Knickers
  • Puppet on g string 
  • The Bustle
  • Gown With the Wind
  • Bodice Talk

Written by: Darren Y

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