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Funny Movie and Song Suggestions for a Shower

today11 February 2022 98

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Funny Movie And Song Suggestions For A Shower

This week, Ginger and Nuts shared suggestions for Songs or Movies for a Shower.  They loved the creativity from Winnie the Shampoo to Anything by Loofah Vandross. 

  • Squeezy Lover
  • Radox Of The Lost Arc
  • Anything By Loofah Vandross
  • In The Hair Tonight
  • Clash Of The Tritons
  • Winnie The Shampoo
  • Who Let The Dogs Grout
  • Soap-Less Devoted To You
  • I’m Gonna Wait Till The Midnight Shower
  • Live And Let Gel
  • Gimme Soap Jo’anna
  • Splash Gordon
  • Long-Haired Loofah From Liverpool
  • I Just Haven’t Wet You Yet
  • Like Lather Like Son 
  • When Harry Wet Sally
  • The Shower Of Love
  • The Showering Inferno
  • Spray You, Spray Me
  • Stuck In The Dribble With You

Fun Facts About Showers

  • The average shower temperature is 42° Centigrade or 108° Fahrenheit.
  • The amount of water used in a 5-minute shower – 75 litres or 20 gallons.
  • The average time spent showering is 8 minutes. Oh, and women spend more time in the shower.
  • 57 – 70 per cent more men than women take daily showers.
  • In 1985, the world record for the longest shower was 341 hours.
  • The World Record for the most people showering at once is 152. How did they manage that?
  • 64% of women think about to-do lists while showering versus 48% of men.
  • The top 3 countries which shower the most – Mexico, Australia and France (the US is fourth).
A Song or Movie about a Shower

Written by: Darren Y

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