Man in ‘burning pain’ after mistakenly using Tesco toilet cleaning wipes

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Toilet Wipes cause a Ring Of Fire

A man has urged Tesco to change the packaging on its toilet cleaning wipes after mistakenly using them as bum wipes for days leaving him with burning pain.

Leon Gleed, 29, wrongly used the anti-bacterial wipes in his toilet for days before developing a soreness around his bum. 

His girlfriend, Sadie, purchased Tesco‘s Active Flushable Toilet Wipes last month from a Tesco Express store in South Wales.

She then placed them near the toilet, so they were in a handy location to clean the loo, where Leon made the error.

After a few days and multiple trips to the toilet, he developed a nasty rash.

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Tesco Cleaning Wipes Mistake
(Image: Leon Gleed / SWNS)

He checked the packaging of the wipes and confessed to Sadie – who he said burst out laughing.

Leon says although it was a silly mistake to make, he believes cleaning products should be labelled more clearly to avoid any risk of confusion. Leon from Cwmbran, South Wales, said: “I thought the product was wet wipes you use to go to the toilet with – but as it turned out, that wasn’t the case.

“When I developed the soreness, I knew something wasn’t quite right, and when I checked the packaging, it said ‘kills 99 per cent of bacteria’. Sadie said to me, ‘how can you be so stupid’, but I think cleaning products should have warning labels, so they’re more identifiable.

Written by: Darren Y

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