Malissa Whitehouse chats about her love for Wine and Roses

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Malissa Whitehouse

New Single, Wine and Roses

UK Singer Malissa Whitehouse is back with a brand new single, ‘Wine and Roses‘, which is available now to download.

Talking about the background to Wine and Roses, Malissa said, “it’s about the girl who gets to a point in the relationship and thinks, you know what, I think I need a little bit more“.

During the interview, ‘Nuts’ was speechless after being found to be behind the thousands of views the video has had on YouTube.

Ginge said, “He’s a lovely shade of Crimson“.

Craig Logan, the former bassist for Bros, and Rick Astley have both given the song the big thumbs up.

Thank You

Before introducing her new single, Wine and Roses, Malissa added, “Thank you both so much for your support. You’ve been amazing since the beginning of the journey with ‘Lovin You‘ and ‘Dear Diary‘.

“Now this single, I’m just kind of oven the moon to have connected with you guys. So thank you, and to your amazing listeners“.

Listen to Malissa's Interview

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    Malissa Whitehouse Ginger and Nuts

Watch Wine and Roses Video

Written by: Darren Y

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