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Funny Songs and Movies for the News

today8 April 2022 574

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We all find out what’s happening through the news. So, we thought you might enjoy having a giggle at some of these funny Songs for the News, as well as Movie Suggestions too! From News To A Kill to Lie Hard.

If you can think of any others, contact us, and we’ll add them to the list.

  • The Sun Ain’t Gonna Print Anymore
  • Murdoch On The Orient Express
  • You’ve Got Daily Mail
  • Express Yourself
  • I’ll Blame It On The Trevor Man 
  • Breaking Bad News
  • A Bugs Life
  • What’s News Pussycat?
  • Teletext Her About It
  • The Scoop Scoop Song
  • Man In The Mirror
  • I Guess That’s Why They Call It The News
  • Son Of A Printer Man
  • Here Comes The Sun
  • It’s Murdoch On The Dance Floor
  • This Time, I Know It’s Not Real
  • Everywhere You Go, Always Take The Trevor With You
  • The Adventures Of “Murdoch Owns?”
  • Charming. Print Charming
  • Paparazzi’s Got A Brand New Bag
  • Sitting On Murdoch Of The Bay…
  • Old Macdonald Had A Farm
  • Scoopy
  • News To A Kill
  • The Guardian Of The Galaxy
  • The Notepad
  • Lie Hard

Written by: Darren Y

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