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Funny Songs and Movies for Drawing

today15 April 2022 474

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Songs and Movies for DRAWING

On today’s show, we’ve changed some of the words of popular songs and movies to relate to the theme of Drawing. From Sketch Me If You Can to He’s An Easel Lover.

If you can think of any more, contact us, and we’ll add them to the list.

  • Easel Like A Sunday Morning
  • Fifty Shades Of Crayon
  • Paint No Sunshine
  • Losing My Depiction 
  • Stuck In The Scribble With You
  • One Drew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
  • Tony Eclipse Of The Hart 
  • Another Brick In The Scrawl
  • In The Outline Of Fire
  • The Good, The Pad, And The Ugly
  • He’s An Easel Lover
  • Take Another Little Piece Of My Art, Now, Baby
  • Do Ya Think I’m Sketchy
  • Chalk The Line
  • Anything By The Artist Formerly Known As Vince
  • Don’t Cha Wish Your Girlfriend Joined Dots Like Me
  • Sketch Me If You Can
  • Nice Chalking
  • Saving Mr Banksy
  • My Art Will Go On
  • Bic Trouble In Little China
  • Chalk This Way 
  • Brush Hour
  • Any Movie Starring Pencil Washington

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Written by: Darren Y

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