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The Sheet Is On – A Song or Movie For Sleep

today7 January 2022 124

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A Song Or Movie For Sleep

On this week’s Ginger and Nuts show, we asked for suggestions for songs or movies where we could change the words to include anything to do with the wonderful world of Sleep. We had some superb suggestions with a bit of help from Twitter.

  • The Sheet Is On
  • 9 ½ Winks
  • Can’t Get You Out Of My Bed
  • Anything By Marti Pillow
  • Anything By Nodding Holder
  • Anything By – Otis Bedding
  • Wake, Rattle And Roll
  • Alice In Slumberland
  • Because I’m Nappy
  • Snoozing My Religion
  • Rolling In Your Sleep
  • Hammock To Fall
  • Bedding Crashers
  • The Lie-In King
  • …And I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Snooze
  • I Love Rock And Rollover
  • Papa’s Got A Brand New Sleeping Bag
  • Who Let The Togs Out
  • Hush Hour
  • Yawn Free
  • Waking Private Ryan
  • The Good, The Bed, And The Snuggly 
  • It’s Snore Than A Feeling!
  • Snore And Peace
  • Nightwear On Elm Street

Written by: Darren Y

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