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Hugging – Songs or Movie Suggestions

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A Song Or Movie for Hugging

Britain’s most hug friendly locations have been revealed. With all this hugging. we share songs or Movie Suggestions from Hugs Life, Cuddle Be Magic to She’s a Squeezy Lover. Can you think of any? Contact us.

  • Hugs Life
  • Bug Cuddle In Little China
  • Squish You Were Here 
  • I’d Like To Teach The World To Cling
  • Starsky And Clutch
  • Cuddle Be Magic 
  • She’s A Squeezy Lover 
  • Please Re-Squeeze Me, Don’t Let Me Go
  • Hippy, Grippy Shake 
  • Anything By Squeeze
  • The Postman Always Clings Twice. 
  • Clinging In The Rain
  • Anything With Clinch Eastwood
  • Turner And Smooch 
  • Strokeback Mountain
  • The Good, The Bad And The Hugly 
  • Hang On Sloopy, Hang On…
  • Stuck In A Cuddle With You 
  • Don’t Squeeze Me This Way
  • U Can Touch This 
  • Nice ‘n” Squeezy Does It, Every Time.
  • And I Will Always Hug You By
  • These Grips Don’t Lie 

Britain's most hug-friendly locations

We need three hugs a day – and are most receptive to one at around 4 pm, according to new research.

Britain’s most hug-friendly locations have been revealed.

  1. Aberystwyth
  2. Aberdeen
  3. Portsmouth
  4. Worcester
  5. Bristol
  6. Wolverhampton
  7. York
  8. Plymouth
  9. Birmingham
  10. London
  11. Newcastle

Written by: Darren Y

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